Upcoming Concerts and Workshops

2007 Website Schedule
April 13 Roulette, New York City 8:30pm
(20 Greene St. between Grand and Canal)
Duo with saxophonist Lotte Anker
April 18-23 Lugano, Switzerland
May 17 Festival Musique Actuelle, Victoriaville, Canada 8:00pm Quartet with Lotte Anker, Mark Helias and Andrew Cyrille
March 11-15 Possible dates in Scandinavia
May 20-27 20 France: Vandoeuvre, Salle des Fetes
22 Rome: Istituto Svizzera, Via Ludovisi
23 Sant'elpidio I/Grottazzolina: Tam Club
24 Venice: Istituto Svizzera
26 Munich: Steinway Haus
27 Switzerland: Altburon, bau 4
May 28- June 1 Zurich, Switzerland
June 2 Taktlos Festival, Zurich
(Trio with Barry Guy and Paul Lytton- new music of Barry Guy)
June 20 Vision Festival, NYC Duo with Henry Grimes
June 29 An Die Musik, Baltimore, MD Duo with Louis Moholo
August 10 Jazz Agosto, Lisbon, Portugal Quartet Noir
Early September Holding dates for Teppo Hauta-Aho
(Helsinki, Stockholm)
October 6 University of Pennsylvania Trio with Mark Helias and Andrew Cyrille
Nov./Dec. Possible dates in Europe


2008 Website Schedule
March 25-29 Holding dates in France for Michele Rabbia
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